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An overview with pricing

Advanced reservations are required for all classes. Pilates Classes are all conducted barefoot and mats/props will be provided. Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

Pilates Matwork

Enjoy the benefits of increased abdominal strength in this total body workout.  These classes will take you through the classical mat exercises designed by Joseph Pilates.  Mat work may include props which are provided.  Space is limited to 5 people.

Pilates Equipment Classes

Experience the total body conditioning of resistance training on the reformer, tower, chair or ladder barrel in private sessions.

All classes and private sessions are 55 minutes in length.

  • Pilates 101
    5 Private Sessions
  • Private Class
    Single Class

Class Schedule

Thursday: 9:30am Intermediate

Thursday: 10:30am Beginner

  • Group Class
    Single Class
  • Chair Duo
    $40.00 per person
    A semi-private class on the Pilates chair

Private/Group Classes

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