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Welcome to Fitlosophy – A new way of thinking about Exercise, Nutrition, and Health in the greater Nashville, TN area.

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Have you lost the energy and vitality you had when you were younger? Maybe your joints are starting to ache, and you are noticing some extra weight that won’t budge no matter what you try. Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to live like this. We all get older, but while many of the problems we associate with getting older may be common, they are not normal. Aging is not supposed to be a slow, painful journey after middle age; it’s just been going this way for so long that we forgot human beings are meant to be vital, fully functioning people well into old age! At Fitlosophy, I’ve combined all of the “old world” knowledge with the tremendous advances we have made in recent years into a new “Fitness Philosophy” that incorporates small daily changes to create deep health and lasting fitness. There are no “6-Week Challenges” that leave you with no support or direction to maintain your gains when they are over. You get someone who listens to your individual challenges with weight, illness, motivation struggles, vices, and lifestyle. Then together, we craft a plan to give you more energy, less pain, better sleep, and increased vitality. Fitlosophy will improve your life and help you have the energy and pain free life you used to have!


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Meet Dawn

After hearing about Pilates for a few years and even working out on an in-home reformer, Dawn decided to attend her first Pilates class in 2005. Little did she know that her life would be changed that day and the path to Fitlosophy would begin.

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Health Coaching and Pilates Training

Dawn is a Vanderbilt-educated and Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. A Peak Pilates Comprehensively Certified and Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.  She has a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification and is always taking classes to keep up with the latest in health, nutrition, and fitness.

Fitlosophy is a new way of thinking about exercise, nutrition, and health in the greater Nashville area. I strive to help you address the challenges you may have in order to live life to the fullest. My services can help aid in nutrition, sleep, exercise, and minimizing stress.

By combining Pilates, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other forms of movement and muscle release, Fitlosophy can help people get to a level of health and vitality they no longer thought possible.  Physical fitness doesn’t just mean how far you can run or how much weight you can lift.  Physical fitness is how you feel in your own skin on a day to day basis.  Which is why this quote from Joseph Pilates is one of my favorites.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

About Fitlosophy

At Fitlosophy, Dawn’s knowledge of lasting behavior change techniques, nutrition, and exercise as well as her interests in Functional and Lifestyle Medicine, brings her clients a multi-point approach to wellness and lasting lifestyle change.  She believes that the power to change is in all of us, but changing lifelong habits and ways of being can be extremely difficult.  We all intuitively know when it is time to change, but that change can be so overwhelming that we never take the first step.  Dawn is here to help you navigate the path of change and encourage you along the way.  Health Coaching is convenient to your schedule.  Telehealth appointments are available as well as phone appointments.

Fitlosophy is also a fully equipped boutique Pilates and Wellness Studio that caters to private instruction and small group classes.  In this day and age, it can be a little scary to go to a big gym or studio.  Group classes are currently capped at 3 people to ensure social distancing and all equipment is cleaned in between clients and classes. Zoom mat classes are offered if that is more convenient or better suited to your location or schedule. Each person deserves hands-on, individualized instruction that caters to their unique physiology and needs. This can only happen in a private or small group setting. Dawn knows first hand the benefits of authentic Pilates instruction, and strives every day to provide the best instruction possible to her clients.


Fitlosophy is the real deal

“I enjoy Pilates more than any other exercise program I have ever tried. I have actually stayed committed to it for over two years and feel no desire to change. I have tried other Pilates studios, mat classes and tower classes at numerous fitness centers and private instruction, trust me they don’t compare. I have increased my muscle tone and have become more flexible since working with Dawn, owner of Fitlosophy.

Fitlosophy is the real deal, with Dawn being the most knowledgeable instructor I have found anywhere. Try it, and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. I know for me personally, it continues to be one of the best investments in my health and well being I have ever made. Dawn is amazing instructor.”

–Laurie Hays, BA, RN

Owner, Facial Rejuvenation Center

I would not be where I am today without the help of Dawn

“Dawn changed my life!  First, I will give a bit of background to explain how drastically Dawn helped me.  My husband and I were blessed with healthy, large (9lbs and 6.5lbs), full term twins.  The twin pregnancy caused a lot of damage to my torso and required me to have surgeries to repair my abdomen. I had considerable back pain and lost much of my abdominal strength, so much so that I couldn’t roll over in bed.  All of this while caring for newborn twins, our two year old daughter and a husband who traveled every week all week.  Enter Dawn…

Dawn spoke to me about Pilates and how much this form of exercise had helped her with her back.  I began meeting with Dawn on a weekly basis. Dawn tailored our sessions to my specific needs and worked within my hectic daily schedule.  Each week we met I noticed improvement and decreased back pain.  One night I rolled over in bed without sitting up!  I continued working with Dawn getting stronger and stronger.  I feel I would not be where I am today without the help of Dawn.  She was instrumental in my goal of getting back to a normal life and introducing me to a great form of exercise.”

–Heather Luttenton

I am stronger, more flexible and stand taller than ever before!

“I am 51 years old and have enjoyed learning the Pilates method from Dawn for over 4 years.  She is a passionate professional with a love for seeing people become healthy and strong.  I am stronger, more flexible and stand taller than ever before!  Her knowledge and experience enable her to take you at whatever level you are and elevate you to a place you never thought you could be.  Dawn is sensitive to every phase of your health and well-being.  She knows how to adjust each exercise and each workout to maximize the strength you have that day. You get exactly what you need based on your body and ability in every move.  That is the beauty of personalized training.  Pilates is a beautiful exercise that strengthens your body completely, gives you incredible flexibility, lengthens your muscles and gives you beautiful posture.  It takes an experienced professional, like Dawn, to teach the proper form to experience the maximum benefit."

–Kelly Williams

Dawn is simply awesome!

“Dawn is simply awesome! She helped “shape” my life in every sense of the word. She provided me with comprehensive and tailored nutrition advice and counseling, and offered the most personalized, challenging and thorough Pilates sessions I‘ve ever experienced. She is well practiced and knowledgeable in both mind and body fitness, and places important emphasis on their balanced integration. If you find yourself under her instruction in any forum, you’ve found Your Wellness Home!”

–Liz Luizzi

Fitlosophy falls into the “highly recommended” category.”

Dawn is passionate about Pilates, healthy eating, and overall well-being. She is a continual learner about the human body, healthy food options, exercise and how critical each is to quality of life..especially as we age. I have always been committed to exercise, but her Pilates program has challenged me to use muscles I never knew I had! In less than six months, I have seen improvement in flexibility, strength and balance. Dawn continues to modify her model based on my progression with the movements. I am not the most coordinate with some of the exercises, but she is always patient. My Pilates journey has been challenging, but Dawn’s high energy, smile, sense of humor has made each session fun. Fitlosophy falls into the “highly recommended” category.

–Jayne O'Mera