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About Dawn

After hearing about Pilates for a few years and even working out on an in-home reformer, Dawn decided to attend her first Pilates class in 2005.  Little did she know that her life would be changed that day and the path to Fitlosophy would begin.  Her instructor; who not only trained with Joseph Pilates but is also a physical therapist, pointed out that she had scoliosis.  No doctor had ever diagnosed her with that before even though she had been dealing with back pain for over a decade.  With the help of her instructor, she learned the principles behind Pilates and what she needed to do to relieve her pain and build her strength.  

In 2007 she completed her Level 1 mat certification with Power Pilates.  In 2009 she began her comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates and after countless hours of written education, hands-on learning and private instruction she completed her comprehensive certification in 2014 and became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher in May 2020.  Through this time, her family struggled through multiple health issues and her interest in nutrition and natural healing became another passion as she tried to work with doctors to heal her loved ones.  It was during this time that she began to piece together how important nutrition, exercise, and mindset were to whole-body fitness, and her Fitlosophy was realized.  

She completed her Health Coaching certification with Vanderbilt in March 2019,  earned her National Health Coaching Certification in July 2019 and is using this knowledge to not only serve her Pilates clients but also people not interested in pursuing Pilates instruction but want to feel better in their bodies and about their life.  If you would like to learn more about her journey click here.

About Fitlosophy Pilates

Fitlosophy is a fully equipped boutique Pilates and Wellness Studio that caters to private instruction and small group classes, with no more than 3 people.  Remote instruction with mat classes taught over Zoom is also available.  I feel that each person deserves hands-on individualized instruction catering to their unique physiology and needs that can only happen in a private or small group setting.  Pilates is a non-impact way of building up important muscles that are crucial to good posture and the long-term health of your spine.  Pilates is a wonderful addition to an already existing exercise regimen or the perfect way to ease the body into an exercise routine.  Pilates is perfect for rebuilding the body after injury or to improve performance in other sports or everyday endeavors.  At Fitlosophy, I stay true to the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates with continuing education to stay current on new techniques, exercise science, and nutritional knowledge. Pilates is for everyBODY.


With consistent practice, Pilates promotes:

  • Optimal health, alignment, and movement retraining
  • Strengthens and tones muscles
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Improves posture
  • Provides flexibility and balance
  • Unites body and mind
  • Creates a more streamlined shape

Classical Pilates Instruction

The Classical Pilates approach is distinct from all other methods due to its emphasis on Pilates as a movement system with one movement connecting to the next.  This methodology creates greater strength, endurance, and flexibility resulting in enhanced performance and increased well being.  I am committed to a Classical approach that is fitness-based, systematic and dedicated to maintaining the original integrity of Joseph Pilates’ work.

Hubertus Joseph Pilates

Born in 1883 in Germany, Joseph was a sickly child.  As he grew he experimented with many forms of exercise including yoga, boxing, gymnastics wrestling and bodybuilding.  He also studied anatomy and was inspired by the Greek ideal of man perfected in mind, body and spirit.

As a young man he left for England to work for the circus.  As WW1 raged across Europe he was placed in forced internment.  While there, he began developing his floor exercises that are now known as the mat work.  He taught these exercises to fellow internees and guards which; as the story goes, enabled them to be the only persons at the camp that lived through the flu pandemic.

After the war he worked for the Hamburg Military Police, as his reputation as a physical trainer and healer had preceded him.  While there, he rehabilitated wounded soldiers and physically trained the police using whatever he had available such as bedsprings and metal barrel rings.  This innovation is what led to what we now know as the reformer and magic circle.

Joseph moved to New York City in 1926 and opened a studio teaching his method which he called “Controlology” due to the belief that the mind must be in complete control of the body.  He continued to teach everyone from the average man on the street to elite dancers and celebrities until his death in 1967.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Poor lifestyle choices can be linked to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, gout, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic fatigue and many other maladies.

If you already endure any of the above or other health difficulties, it is imperative that you look at changes to your diet and lifestyle that can help you to restore your health.

We will work together to look at your current eating, exercise, lifestyle and sleep habits, and stress. Whatever it is that you feel you need help with and discuss gradual changes you can make that will lead you to your ideal weight and restore as well as maintain peak health and wellness.